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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Apple using ARM chip instead of Intel on Mac

Apple using ARM chip instead of Intel on Mac

 Apple will replace the Intel processor chip with its own ARM chip. The company is set to make the announcement at Apple's World Wide Developer Conference on June 22.

However, due to the health crisis, the company is likely to change the date of the conference. The company has been talking about using ARM chip in Mac for a long time.

The company plans to bring the first Mac device with ARM processor by 2021. Apple is building a Mac processor based on three ARMs, similar to the iPhone A Fortin chip in its Kalamata Project.

It could take months for Apple to release the ARM hardware. Meanwhile, Apple plans to allow developers to optimize software for new developments.

The company tested the Mac on the ARM chip after Intel's chip slowed down. The company has decided to make this big change as the performance of the device looks better on the ARM chip.

Using an ARM processor, which is considered to be good in power efficiency, will make the MacBook smaller and lighter in the future. According to a Bloomberg report, this chip will be used in the entire lineup of Mac.

Steve Jobs of the 2005 Developer Conference shifted the company from a power PC to an Intel chip. That same year, Apple's first computer with an Intel chip was unveiled

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