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Monday, June 8, 2020

Computer slow and hang? Solve it this way

If you use a computer or laptop regularly, you must have the problem of slow and hang. This problem may be exacerbated when you have to work from home during the current downturn.

Some people have a habit of showing up at the service center to solve common problems that appear on the computer. With a little information, some of these problems can be solved by yourself.

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Don't worry now, today we are giving you some tips to solve the problem of computer slowing down and hanging.

1. Close the program that runs automatically

Programs that start automatically as soon as you turn on your computer and laptop are consuming your computer's resources unnecessarily. As a result, the program you need is not working easily. You can turn off auto-start programs for this.

To do this, press the Alt, Control and Delete buttons together.

  • Log in to Task Manager.
  • Click on Startup from the options listed above.
  • There you will see a list of auto-start apps. Go into it and prevent all programs from auto-starting except Microsoft programs and antivirus.
  • To do this, click on the related program and then click on Disable at the bottom.
  • Instead, you can enable and disable the auto start of a certain program by selecting the related program and even right click.

2. Set performance

Every computer has its own capabilities and features. It all depends on how well you work. Although looking good on screen or looking for good performance, sometimes you may feel the need for a different look. But, if you want to reduce the problem of hanging when it is not good when you look at the screen, then you have to make the necessary settings to give good performance. You can follow the procedure below.

  • Choose System Options from Computer Control Panel via System and Security.
  • Go to Advanced System Settings on the left.
  • Select the Adjust for Best Performance option by setting the performance at the beginning and then clicking the OK button.

3. Optimize drive

The data of the programs in the computer and laptop is sitting in the C drive. But if the drive itself does not respond well, the program you run on the computer may not perform well and the problem of hang and slow start appearing. Do this to solve it.

  • Type defragment and optimize drive in the window search button.
  • An app will appear at the top, open it.
  • Choose C drive.
  • Click the Optimize button there. Drive optimization may take some time, wait.

4. Deleting a temporary file

While using computers and laptops, various programs have created many files. However, even after the work is completed, such temporary files remain in the computer.

Which may even be causing problems as an unnecessary burden on the computer. So you have to delete such useless temporary files from time to time. Follow the procedure below.

  • Press R along with the window button on the keyboard.
  • Now type% temp% there.
  • Select all the files by pressing A along with the control button and delete by right clicking.
  • Press the R button next to the window as before.
  • Now type temp, then select all the files and delete them.
  • Press R Aton next to the window again.
  • Type prefetch there and click Continue to proceed.
  • Now select and delete all the files there.

5. Disk clickup

Not all files on your computer may be needed. Deleting such unnecessary files will help your computer run smoothly. To do this, do the following.

  • Go to Open My Computer. For this you can even press the window and e button together.
  • Right click on C drive.
  • Go to the property there.
  • Now click on the Disk Cleanup option. This will take some time.

Then click on the cleanup system file. Restart the computer once the process is complete. Now of course your computer will start running somewhat faster.

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