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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Sastodil is responsible for ordering and distributing government e-commerce

Sastodil is responsible for ordering and distributing government e-commerce

 Sastodil will take charge of the e-commerce service of Food Management and Trading Company Limited, which is owned by the Government of Nepal. The government company, which had been in hiding for a long time, suddenly stepped up its online service during the lockout.

The government began ordering online and distributing food and other necessities through the company. Now this work will be done by cheap deal with long experience in the field of e-commerce in Nepal.

For that, an agreement was reached between the Food Management and Trade Company of the Government of Nepal and Sastodil on Thursday. According to Sastodil's founder and CEO Aman Thapa, Sastodil will now take orders from the government's e-commerce site.

‘This effort has been going on for the past two months,’ says Thapa, ‘since the lockdown began, the demand for e-commerce companies has increased. The government also started online delivery. It is commendable for the government to launch e-commerce services without any experience. We immediately started working with the government. '

After some initial discussions turned positive, the possible framework worked. How to work, how to take orders? Issues had to be decided on how to distribute, what goods to sell, how to fix the price.

Accordingly, a framework was prepared. The two-month effort finally paid off on Thursday. According to the modality, the Government of Nepal will now be the seller on the cheap deal website.

This means that goods sold by the government will appear on the site of cheap deals. From there, customers can order goods at a price set by the government company. However, CEO Thapa said that all the work of taking and delivering orders will be done by Sastodil.

According to Thapa, not only orders on Sastodil's website but also orders on the government's e-commerce site will be delivered cheaply.

"But the system and framework of how we can get the message of cheap order on the government's website remains to be finalized," he said.

According to Thapa, the service has been started from Kathmandu in the first phase. "We have started it as a pilot project in Kathmandu," he said. "This is the first time we are cooperating with the government." Considering how the work will be completed, what kind of demand comes, an agreement has been reached as soon as possible to expand this service in the country. This service will be extended to at least some cities outside Kathmandu within a month. '

Currently, the government is selling essential items, including food, during its lockout through its e-commerce site. So the customer will now be able to order the same items.

However, in the coming days, the government will be able to make cheaper deals on what kind of goods customers like and the government company will be able to increase the goods and materials as required.

As per the agreement, customers will receive the goods at the price provided by the government. Thapa said that no additional fee will be charged for this. "We see it as an opportunity to work with the government rather than an income," he said.

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